What if everything you believed was a lie? 

After the battle aboard the Diagon ship, things have taken an unexpected turn for Sabeara and her friends. 

Having finally found the king’s compass, and taken Obsidian captive, Sabeara must now retrieve the last two tokens to save her people and kingdom. But the next item she and her friends seek is in a place they cannot reach without an invitation. And there’s only one person with a reputation vicious enough to obtain an invite to the Dark Fell. . .

Sabeara must stand up and fight unlike ever before when unforeseen obstacles arise. Faced with seemingly endless decisions that could alter her destiny, Sabeara must put faith in a mere myth and let go of the control she so desperately seeks. But will letting go induce chaos? 


Sunn is torn between her mind and heart as she battles her feelings for a man that everyone around her considers a monster. He saved her back on the Diagon, but will he save her again? 

Darkness battles the light, and succumbing to the night has never felt or tasted so sweet. 

Sunn is courageous enough to take on the curse alongside her family and friends, but she will learn firsthand that love cannot heal everything that is broken. And that even the Stone-Hearted are not immortal.

Ascended is the final book in the Granted series and the ending to Sabeara's epic story.