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After Sabeara’s journey inside the Sethen Courts, she finally returns home to the hidden kingdom of Knadiel. Aveladon and Ethydon now combined, it would seem she should be happy to see her family again in a state of unity and peace. But when she returns to a plethora of secrets that have been kept from her, heartache ensues. 

Angry and upset with those that have lied to her, while also trying to understand her feelings for Mid and Dusane, things get complicated for Sabeara. Unraveling her relationships with the handsome prince that had her heart in the beginning, and the brooding Envoy captain with a past that she knows so little about, will be harder than Sabeara imagined. 

Sabeara ends up on a mission with the two men, where they journey to Severesi in hopes of finding a blacksmith in the Niafell mountains. They encounter Severesi’s lavish culture while battling vicious creatures, enemies, and mysteries along the way. 

But Sabeara’s story isn’t the only tale that will continue to be told. 

Sunn has been living on the Isles of Arradale since the war in Ethydon. The decision made by her parents to keep her safe from the kingdoms of chaos, has confined her to the little island of palms, sea, and sailors. Restless, she finds escape by sneaking onto local ships and pretending to be a crew boy. 

But when she boards a ship that gets attacked by the nefarious captain of the Obscurum army, she doesn’t know if she will ever see her family again. An enemies-to-lovers story, unlike any you’ve seen before, will emerge and rattle even the hardest hearts. 

Beloved is the third book in the Granted series and is packed with even more action, romance, and lore. You won’t want to miss it.