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Sabeara Aigoviel, princess of Aveladon, wants nothing more than for her heart to glow. The Stone-Hearted power that is received at the age of eighteen is her ultimate wish. With a grim curse looming over the realm and a neighboring kingdom's conspiring plans, contentions arise. Moments of danger summon evil forces, sending Sabeara into a whirlwind of adventure, captivity, and even love.

Rescued by a handsome stranger in a brown cloak, they navigate the kingdoms to bring her safely home.  When her rescuer arrives betrothed to her beloved older sister weeks later, it is all she can do to erase their memories. Will Sabeara be able to defeat the curse on the Stone-Hearted race? And will she be able to forget the memories of her epic ventures with her cloaked rescuer? 

In this magical fairytale filled with passion and adventure, you will surely be hanging onto every last word.

"Absolutely amazing book. The writing is engaging and easy to follow. The characters are well developed and engaging. A beautiful world has been created by an amazing new writer which pulls you in and entrances your mind. I can’t wait to see how things continue in the next book of the Granted series." - Reader Review

"Are you looking for both an adventure and a lovestory? Tears of both laughter and sadness? Something that will wreck both your heart and your nerves? Something to sweep you off your feet and take you to another land? A quick read that you just can't help diving into? Are you looking for the next book to fall in love with? Then Granted by Kendra Thomas, the first book in a new and inovative Fantasy series, is exactly what you are looking for!" - Reader Review

"Really really enjoyed this one! First of all, I was sold just from seeing the stunning cover. And the story was so fun! Full of adventure, a swoon-worthy romance, and a courageous heroine, Granted took me on quite the journey! I’m already anxiously anticipating book two because that ending...omg" - Reader Review