Princess Sabeara Aigoviel has been graced with a new identity. After waking up from burning down the Spirit Tree, Sabeara can no longer be the person she once was and encounters a chilling reality. The curse has begun. Now a captive criminal known as Ehren, and living inside the Sethen Courts, Sabeara finds the prison to be nothing like she imagined. In the Courts an elite fighting guild, known as the Envoy, secretly resides. These elite fighters compete in an arena called the Galloway. 


Sabeara is faced with a decision—to fight in the Galloway and win her freedom from the Courts—or wait for someone to come and rescue her. Will she be able to become a warrior and fight her way out? Will she be able to keep searching for the tokens and defeat the curse on the Stone-Hearted race?  This sequel filled with action, magic, and love will make it impossible to stop turning the pages.